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Hi, Wick'a Dee. It's Kim J. I bring my three little girls every year to see you at the Farm. It's such a treat. When we were there, you mentioned that we should come to your house on Halloween.  My kiddos are dying to come trick-or-treating at your real house. Is there any way you would be willing to give us your home address? You may not even get this email in time, but we thought it was worth a try! No worries. Thanks so much!

This is the type of bouquet to send your favorite witch this Halloween!

To Wick'a Dee from Hannah 2013
Wick'a Dee loves the hair and earrings, but mostly the belly button!

Thanks for the picture and bag of Halloween Candy, Hannah!  And thanks for helping stir my Black Magic Brew at the Candle Cottage.  That was fun.

A photo of the pillow Hailey saw in Wick'a Dee's cottage:

To post a picture or handwritten note, hand it to Wick'a Dee at the Staheli Family Farm, or leave it on her door there.
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Listen to this adorable phone message from one of Wick'a Dee's favorite fans in 2011:
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Wick'a Dee received a whole CAULDRON-FULL of fan mail last Friday night.  Here are parts of some of the notes:


  1. I love getting notes from the children I meet at the Farm. You're all invited to post a comment below. I look forward to seeing you this October!
    Love, Wick'a Dee Witch

  2. Anonymous11/04/2012

    I love Wick'a Dee! She is such a fun person to be around during the Halloween season! See you next year Wick'a Dee!

    1. Yup! Next year. I have already moved on, along with the full moon. I met so many charming little kids this year at the Farm. Be sure to come visit next year, and I'll try to remember everything about you. Stay Witchy! Love, Wick'a Dee

  3. Anonymous10/01/2013

    We came to your house on opening day, 2013, but we missed you :( Have a spooky Halloween, Wick'a Dee! (This note was left on the notepad outside the Candle Cottage.)

  4. Anonymous10/16/2013

    Wick'a Dee smells like stinky old bats.
    Her teeth are gray and she has a fat cat.
    October is her favorite month
    She comes to the farm and wreaks lots of fun
    The only way you really can please her
    Is to let her party with her creepy sister Wheezer!

    1. Oh, Wheezer! You're such a good poet. I'm glad you're coming to Breakfast with a Witch on Friday! Love ya, Sis!

  5. This year at Staheli Family Farm, there are some new surprises at the Pumpkin Patch! The vines are planted in rows with grass between, so you won't have to step in the mud! And hammers and nails have been pounding all summer to create a neat little shop. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon, love, Wick'a Dee.

  6. I'm getting excited to meet you at Opening Day of the Corn Maze at Staheli Family Farm! Time to do my nails! See you Friday...


This witch loves to get messages from the children and fans she meets at the Farm. Be sure to leave a comment!