Photos from 2015

Enjoying the Photo Booth with my little friend.

Living Large in 2015!

From the Cox Family Blog

Wick'a Dee Witch, our favorite Staheli Farm friend, happens to live in my parents's neighborhood! On Halloween she sits outside her house with her tasty witch's brew and witch's fingers so of course we had to pay her a visit.

The kids were excited to visit her, that is, up until we pulled up in front of her house and they actually saw her. She looked so convincing that the boys wouldn't get out of the car! Lily ran right out to meet her and play in her front yard. After a while I finally coaxed the boys into coming out of the car...but they wouldn't get too close to

Wick'a Dee Witch!

Photos from 2014

2014 had a spookyJack-O-Lantern photo op.

The brew parties in 2014 were out back in the shade!  Smart witch!

These children are happy and ready to go into taste the brew!

Free witch HUGS!

2014 Season Opened
September 26

Inside Wick'a Dee's Candle Cottage Bedroom 2012

Photo by D Amodt

Brew parties are spooky-serious after dark!

"MiaPia was fascinated with the witch. As soon as we got there she made a bee line for her. I can’t believe how awesome she did when the witch painted a spider on her face! She sat so still I was in awe."  --Foley Family Blog, 2013

Dave Amodt's Photos 2012

Candle Cottage 2012

Wick'a Dee's just chillin'.

The view of the pond.

Pumpkin Pyramid

Fly me to the moon.

It's a delicate balance between being a nice witch and a mean witch.


The Pumpkin Festival/Double Exposure MAGIC!

Where it all begins...

Thanks again, Dave, for the photos, and for tipping my chairs over.  Hehe!

Wick'a Dee's Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

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  • That would be "Freeeeekin' Aaaaaawesome!"

  • Here's a photo of Wick'a Dee about to jump right on top of that little girl's belly!  Taken at Staheli Family Farm, Oct. 2011.

  • This photo shows Wick'a Dee and her witchy sister making a potion commotion at Breakfast with a Witch at Staheli Family Farm.  

  • The sheep at the Farm are always hungry...  Wick'a Dee's hair is always ready for a trim.  BAAAaaaaa!


  • A view inside Wick'a's Candle Cottage, 2011.  Be sure to come see the newly decorated Candle Cottage this October at Staheli Family Farm.  Even if the witch is "OUT", you can peek inside the old granary "window".  Just be sure to close the window, so the RATS don't get OUT!

                                                                                                      IMG_7283 - Version 2
  • This was the morning Wick'a Dee turned a good little farm girl into a clucking hen.  Wick'a Dee won the "CACKLE CONTEST" against the chicken, of course (And don't worry, the farm girl has a nice spot in the coop at the Farm now).

  • When this picture was taken... Wick'a Dee was stealing the bacon!  Hehehe.  Taken at Staheli Family Farm, October 2011.

  • Two bright blond children and a little witchy friend pose at the Farm with Wick'a Dee, 2011.  "I'll get you, my Pretties!"

At the Candle Cottage on the Eve of the Pumpkin Festival, 2012, with a little witchy-friend, Lea-Mae.  The pose is a little side-ways, HA!

From the blog of one visiting family in 2012:  
We took the hayride up to the Pumpkin Patch, which was all decorated and lit up for the season.
We finally found Wick'a Dee Witch when we got back from the hay ride. Isaac was not so sure and learned how to say "spooky" just because of her. He talked about the spooky witch for days and days. We thought her costume was tops.

 From the blog of the Wilson Family in 2012:

Wick'a the witch was brewing up something creepy to sip and painting faces.  She was very in character and all the little kids loved her.  Wick'a Dee painted black cats with sparkly green eyes on our cheeks.  I got in trouble for trying to wash it off in the bathtub that night.  My daughter wanted it to be "pregnant" (her word for permanent).

Laughing at my own jokes...

Breakfast with a Witch 2012

Emma and Wick'a Dee 2012

 Me being creepy.  Again.

Mason the Pirate and Wick'a Dee in the playground.

Wick'a Dee and the Edwards Girls at the barn 2013


  1. Anonymous10/16/2013

    Wick'a, darling! I love your blog! Your nose looks absolutely wicked in these pictures, it really does and I really, really like it and I think we should change mine! Remember when used to sneak in to that old-bat Harry Mae's corn field and hide and watch her kissing her scare crow? That was so funny, huh? K, well, I will see you at Breakfast with a Witch on Friday! You are going to love my new hat! It has weeds!
    Your Sister,

    1. Your nose is fine. Harry Mae was fun to spy on! I remember her song, too. Can't wait to see your new hat with weeds!


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