Wick'a Dee's Story

When Wick'a Dee first put on her mother's hat and nose and stumbled into the Staheli Family Farm pavilion in 2010, she let out a cackle that rocked the chicken coop!  Soon, she was offered a place to rent atop the hill next to the Pumpkin Patch.  Now, every October, Wick'a Dee flies in on her broom and parks it inside the old granary.  You're all invited to come take a peek inside, or a have grand tour if Wick'a Dee is home.

She called her house the Candle Cottage because she filled it full of candles, and to her it was "Home Sweet Spooky Home".  After her hair lit on fire twice, Wick'a Dee decided NOT to light the candles anymore.  She dislikes the smell of burning hair.  Don't you?
Now it's the witch hut, shared with the wiggly Miss Candice Cornelia, where you can come to get TRICKS and treats.  HA!  They'll cast their spells, they'll mix ghastly concoctions in their cauldrons, and they'll cackle in pride of their magic and trickery.
Wick'a Dee likes to host a Halloween Party each night she's at the Farm.  She has free coloring pages, games, songs, and treats for all the children.  She also likes to carve pumpkins the "witchy way", by leaving the guts inside!  Whenever Wick'a Dee rides one of the wagons at the Farm, she tells wacky witch jokes and shares her fingernail collection with the unsuspecting children.

With her slightly quirky black-tooth grin, Wick'a Dee Witch is just oozing with the Halloween spirit. You will love this witch! From the top of her personalized witch hat to the bottom of her striped orange tights, she is every bit a farm witch.  Someday, Wick'a Dee wants to fly across the barnyard on a zip-line, cackling her loudest, all the way down.

Name:  Wick'a Dee Witch
Born:  October 31, 1815
Mother:  Witchy Dee
Black Cat's Name:  Scratchy
Number of Grandchildren:  99--ALL girls!
Favorite Songs:  "Spooky" by The Atlanta Rhythm Section, "Hi-Ho Halloween's Here" by elementary school teachers everywhere
Favorite Colors:  Orange and Black
Favorite Food:  Pumpkin Pie at Staheli Family Farm, Caramel Corn on the Cob, Candy Corn
Favorite Movies:  Pirates 1, 2, 3, 4
Favorite Pirate:  Captain Jack Sparrow
Home:  Staheli Family Farm Granary at the end of the Spooky Trail
facebook page:  Wick'a Dee
blog:  WickaDeeWitch.blogspot.com

"It's nice to be a teeny-tiny bit scared when Halloween comes around!"

Light a candle and make it SPOOKY tonight!

Love, Wick'a Dee

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